Home begins at Charity!

Dean Tinney on 7 July 2011              0 Comments

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Guyana, South America was catapulted to international attention when more than 800 Jim Jones' cult members were forced to drink Kool-aid laced with cyanide. They died in a remote jungle outpost known as Jamestown. In a different part of Guyana near the Venezuela border, there are multitudes who are being influenced by Islam. Guyana needs a vibrant Christian witness.

During our pioneering mission trip to Guyana we learned that many children live too far to paddle upriver or traverse dense jungle to attend schools in the closest town of Charity. We were able to secure permission from Amerindian tribal leaders to relocate their brightest (but unschooled) children to attend a highly regarded elementary school in Charity. The school principal and teachers we met were excited about educating these eager, English-speaking children. Thanks to the Brits—English is the official language, but Amerindians speak their own tribal dialect as well.
We plan to return to Guyana, South American when a couple or small team can join us to consider the prospect of moving to the Pomeroon Riverport of Charity to make a lasting difference for the precious children. These little ones are still waiting for someone to share the love of Jesus in a home Sparrows Gate is prepared to open near the school. So in this case instead of charity begins at homehome begins at Charity.