Live, love, learn, laugh and labor with new friends in a new culture!

Dean Tinney on 7 July 2011              0 Comments

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"You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordained you that you should GO and bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain." John 15:16

Enlarge your faith. Expand your vision. Extend your family. Educate your heart. Equip your soul. Explore your options. Exercise your talents. Embrace new insights. Encourage the poor. Endure servanthood. Enjoy the children!

Get away from the noise of the world for two weeks or more in Belize, Central America where the official language is English. Sometime after the initial two-week, mini-mission training course in Belize, (one week in class and one week in the field), consider investing one month or one year or more serving at one of our children's ministries in Belize, Mexico or the Philippines.

Hang out under the shiny stars in Belize and give the Holy Spirit a chance to speak to your heart about a new beginning. Expect spiritual growth and rewards. Discover and develop new ways to serve Him in any impoverished culture with classroom sessions and hands-on mission training and experience.

Leaders and teachers are real missionaries on the cutting edge of meeting the physical, spiritual, emotional, educational and medical needs of the poor abroad. Lodging and food is provided for a free-will offering.

Our goal for 26 years is to love and teach poor children to know, love and serve Jesus. We need volunteers to GO help us at our Christian Elementary School and home for single, destitute moms in Ensenada, Mexico and a large kinder school and separate home for abandoned street boys in Davao, Philippines. And we need a devoted couple or small team to live at a future home for needy children in Charity, Guyana, South America.

Sparrows Gate's two-week mission training course is about getting to know yourself and how your interests, experience, skills and talents can be directed and used for urgent kingdom purposes in an impoverished country. Sharing new and lasting friendships with others who are considering or have already decided to be on the front lines of ministry abroad is an added benefit.

Dean Tinney, the Senior Missions' Training Teacher, is a missionary with more than 25 years of full-time experience in Asia and Latin America and is the founder of Sparrows Gate Mission, a non-profit organization determined to rescue poor children in Latin America and Asia. He is the book author of Finding God's Playground, Latin American Culture, 100 Insights, Coaching Tomorrows Leaders, Soaring with Seven Insights, Be A Better Speaker, Tame Fear, Enjoy Life and more.

A valuable resource and treasure in Sparrows Gate's initial missions' training program comes all the way from Nepal (in northwest China) in the form of a book titled "On Being A Missionary," by Dr. Thomas Hale. This book is no sugar-coated account of mission service abroad and should be read by every serious missions-minded volunteer.

All 20 chapters contain information and insights from an extremely aware and experienced modern day physician/missionary that can inspire, encourage and prepare mission volunteers to make a lasting difference for precious little ones in beggarly nations.

Some of our mission training subjects are:

Missionary Myths Exploded
The Big Decision
Mission Preparation
Global Context
Cross Cultural Communication
Cultural Transition & Lifestyle
Fitting Into The Team
Donor Support and Accounting
Tentmaking Ideas
Satan's Strategies
Staying Focused
Combating Stress & Fatigue
Prayer & Fellowship
Coaching Tomorrow's Leaders
Student Profile and more

Students of all ages (over 18) from all nations and every Christ-centered denomination are welcome.

For more information or to enroll in our next two week mini-mission training course, please contact us.