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The street kids of Latin America and Asia need a volunteer!

Dean Tinney on 7 July 2011

My heart is hurting with the knowledge that at this moment Sparrows Gate Mission does not have a single volunteer to help rescue even one of the thousands of destitute street kids in Mexico City, Manila, Rio de Janiero and Bangkok. And speaking of Bangkok, reliable sources say that more than 500,000 prostitutes in the city of Bangkok are under the age of sixteen.

For months I’ve earnestly tried to tame the internal storm, the grief, the outrage and even the unrelenting call of the Holy Spirit to rescue these kids. It’s as if a lightning bolt is tethered to my heart—a bolt that wants to unleash its light on the powers of darkness and wrench some of these children from the enemy's grip.

I have walked the streets of Manila, Rio de Janiero, Bogota and Belize City alone late at night into the wee hours of the morning to rescue street kids by finding loving Christian homes for some of them and providing medical care and food. But now, with God’s help, it is time to send search-and-rescue teams to establish safe places where homeless street kids can come for meals, an interim place to sleep and learn about the love of Jesus.

Jesus himself talked about leaving the 90 and nine to GO rescue the one sheep that had gone astray. Almost forgotten, lost sheep, trying to survive on the violent city streets of Asia and Latin America, need loving shepherds and volunteers to be there for them. Our proposed, permanent mission training center is a vital link in encouraging, inspiring and equipping volunteers to help reach and rescue these kids.

Someone, somewhere is up to this challenge. I believe that someone, right now, is saying “Lord, here am I, send me. ” Someone, is earnestly checking the internet to find the right opportunity for serving poor children abroad. It is my prayer that they find our website and are influenced by the Holy Spirit to make a life-changing electronic connection.

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