Chris and Dean

Chris and Dean next to the Amazon Christmas Tree


Chris Goldsmith (left) and Dean Tinney found many, large termite mounds on the vast savannah near the Kumu village in the Amazon basin that look like petrified Christmas trees. Brave souls are welcome to join our next expedition to help the hungry Kumu Tribe grow pigs and peanuts and come to know, love and serve Jesus.

Guyana Map


Pictured above, are the Amerindian school children in the Guyana, Amazon Basin village of Kumu near the remote border of Brazil. These little ones come to school hungry and go home hungry, but never complain. Sparrows Gate Mission may help this Amerindian tribe produce pigs and peanuts for food and income and learn more about the true KING OF THE JUNGLE.

Dean Tinney and Chris Goldsmith, Sparrows Gate Mission missionaries from Ensenada, Mexico, just returned from a challenging 463-mile trek through mostly muddy water deep in the Amazon rainforest from Georgetown, Guyana to a remote border near Brazil.

They met with Amerindian children and their tribal leader living in the village of Kumu on the outskirts of Lethem, Guayana. Tinney says, “The area reminds me of terrain from the blockbuster motion picture Jurassic Park.” “The precious Amerindian children in this area are hungry and Sparrows Gate Mission provided a small sum for food and hopes to help with agricultural assistance in the future,” according to Tinney.

The expedition was funded by Sparrows Gate Mission, a non-profit organization with Christian Schools and orphanages in Latin America and the Philippines. “Our mission goal is to rescue more poor children from A WASTED MIND AND EMPTY HEART in Jesus’ name,” Tinney says.

Sparrows Gate Mission is based in Ensenada, Mexico and opened MAYA CACAO in Belize, Central America in August 2014. Tourists will learn to make Maya-style chocolate from the bean to the belly. Income will help fund their Christian youth centers in the Cayo District of Belize.

Plans are also underway to open MAYA CACAO in Ensenada and Samal Island, Philippines where Sparrows Gate Mission cares for otherwise-homeless street boys. The mission also cares for abandoned girls in Davao, Philippines which is just one mile from the island.

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