Missionary Myths

More than 2,700,000,000 (2.7 billion) people have never heard the Gospel even once. To reach them all, each missionary in service today would have to go present Christ to 450,000 lost souls now. The gap increases each day with the population explosion.

It’s incredible, but true, that 94% of those ordained on the globe minister to English-speaking people and 96% of all Christian funds are invested in the U.S., which only contains 6% of the world’s population.

Your special missions training will reveal what a real missionary is, does, and more importantly, becomes. When the truth is known, more disciples will enlist and experience an exhilarating new dimension of faith.

These new pilgrims will live in a foreign country where Jesus will give them daily bread, strength, friends, exciting new adventures, miracles and great, but hard-won, spiritual rewards.

The goal of this training is to encourage fellowship among action-ready believers who are considering short- or long-term mission service and prepare them with some new and surprising insights.

My personal goal is to influence many to make a difference in the lives of hurting, impoverished children who are waiting in the Third World for someone to tell them about Jesus.


Missionary Myths Exploded
Eleven assumptions about missionaries are examined including: A missionary must be a Super Saint, go to Bible School, secure financial support before leaving, be a preacher, evangelist or teacher, learn a new language, make extreme sacrifices, and give up fun. Visual aids and humor make this energetic message interesting and unusual.


The Calling and the Consequences
This class provides biblically based insights that help participants recognize when God is leading them toward mission service. Students learn to evaluate their own motives, values, attitudes and obstacles as they consider servanthood abroad. Actual recruiting methods employed by God and Christ are explored during group discussion. Students discover a surprising variety of ways individuals (past and present) have become involved in foreign missions. Consequences and rewards are evaluated openly and frankly in light of this life and the one to come.


Channeling Talents
Opportunities for transferring homegrown talents, skills, experiences and interests to help people in a foreign country are surveyed. Those who think they have no talent realize that just giving a cup of cold water has its reward. The instructor and students brainstorm ideas for using “Hidden Talents” at home and abroad and specific suggestions for the development of student interests are offered.


Checkbook Checkmate
Not having a tangible means of support stops most would-be missionaries from getting to first base. The common practice of asking for financial support contradicts what is known about mission finances from the Bible. Overwhelming evidence is presented in favor of another alternative that never fails. The Apostle Paul’s method really works. “God plus zero still equals God,” is a mathematical fact that the instructor has learned from personal experience in caring for otherwise homeless children in Tijuana, Mexico.


Cross Cultures and Communication
This session deals with cultural sensitivity and an awareness of cultural differences that can win friends and influence people for Christ instead of offending and alienating lost souls. U.S. travelers have unwittingly managed to generate ill will around the world because they have not been coached ahead of time. Attitudes, behavior and the perceptions of other cultures are discussed to lessen the real prospect of misunderstandings.


Credentials for Combat
Kingdom victory on foreign soil depends on knowing and implementing our part of our Commander–in-Chief’s plan and, hopefully, advanced knowledge of the enemy’s plan of attack. An eye-opening discussion exposes the specific strategy and objectives that the “Evil One” has in mind. The allied victory in the Persian Gulf clearly demonstrates the advantage of properly trained, motivated, fed, equipped and deployed troops. Biblical principles and insights from real battles help to explain what to expect and how to overcome satanic forces.


Case Histories
True stories of ordinary people who made a commitment to be a light in a dark place and the results are described in brief.
Examples from the lives of past and present pioneer missionaries are shared to discover some of the common characteristics that have produced a soul-rewarded harvest.


Coaching the Candidates
Students are invited to ask additional questions about any of the previous subjects and share concerns about their own particular circumstances for guidance.

For example:

•    Opportunities for additional training and/or short- or long-term
mission service