Little Friends School

Family of Rick & Linda Labos, Founders

Helping Little Ones in Bucana

After several trips to rescue homeless street kids in Manila and Cebu, Dean Tinney was determined with God’s help and mission board approval to serve impoverished children in Davao, which has more than 3,000,000 residents and more metro land area than any city in the world.

In March 1999, Dean asked a taxi cab driver to take him to the poorest barrio in Davao. He said, “Are you sure? It can be dangerous for strangers.” Dean said, “Yes, I’m sure,” and he drove him to a large hovel known as Bucana anchored along the Davao City seawall.

While meandering alone down narrow alleys Dean eventually heard children singing a Christian tune and followed the sound of the music to a small church and Christian kinder school known as “Little Friends.”

Sparrows Gate began to partner with founders Pastor Rick and Linda Labos more than 12 years ago. Today, kinder school enrollment varies from 70 to 100 students per year depending on funds available to pay teachers. The children learn to read and write and come to know, love and serve Jesus!

The only daily meal some of these little students have is the meal we provide at our school. We hope to hire more teachers to increase enrollment and build a Christian elementary school in the future.