What People Say About Organic Maya Coffee

TestimonyAdrianaAdriana Davis, and her mom worked for a specialty health food company in California and have always been careful about what they eat and drink. Nineteen year old Davis likes coffee but not the caffeine that annoys her nerves. Now she is delighted to be able to enjoy cups of Purple Corn Organic Maya Coffee with no side effect.


testimonyrosaNinety year old Rosa Navarro, attributes her amazing health to a diet, from her youth, that has always been dominated by foods made with corn. She says corn on the cob, corn tortillas, corn tamales, corn bread, hominy and corn flakes have given her plenty of energy and kept the weight down for almost a century. Drinking Purple Corn Organic Maya Coffee became Navarro’s instant and favored healthy habit when she tasted her very first sip.

testimonymarianaMarianne Dodd, and seventy one year old Dean Tinney are foodies, authors and curious world travelers who enjoy discovering little known organic dishes and beverages in Latin America and beyond. Dodd and Tinney met in Ensenada, Mexico, at a seafood judging event and are enthusiastic about drinking a healthy, caffeine free coffee that combats cancer, helps with weight control and is loaded with fiber and anti-oxidants.

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